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Where local media and local businesses come together

ADvantage Club is the most innovative revenue acquisition platform in media. Developed to bring local media and local businesses together in a unique way to help each other grow.

Local media is still the best way to reach the most customers in any community. The ADvantage Club is helping local businesses re-enter the mainstream media space, reaching more potential customers, at a price they can now afford.

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Giving local businesses the ADvantage

The ADvantage Club allows businesses of any size to get out of the daily search war and into the mainstream media space where they can dominate their market. As the demand for local news, information and entertainment grows, local mainstream media is reaching more consumers than ever before.

ADvantage Club exists to connect local businesses with this huge audience of consumers at a fraction of the normal cost AND show them how to do that effectively at our FREE - IMPACT Marketing events.

Club Mission

To bring local businesses and local media together, in a unique way, to help each other grow..

Advantage Club creates… 

Better media salespeople

Better advertisers

 Better customers

The important role of local media

Local media companies devote a small portion of their inventory and resources to our club members at heavily reduced prices (up to 80% off). This allows even the smallest business to afford all of the marketing they need to reach their local community and more importantly, market their business all of the time.

The ADvantage Club helps local media grow by upskilling sales teams, engaging local businesses, hosting world class marketing events and creating long term partnerships with local advertisers.


Thinking local is what made us global…

Many of the largest and most successful media companies in the world host The ADvantage Club in their local markets to help local businesses connect with their customers in both an effective AND affordable way.
The ADvantage Club has grown from one city in Australia in 2013 to now spanning Australia, the United States, Canada and the United Kingdom and currently helps almost 2,000 small to medium sized businesses connect with and grow their customers.

Who else needs the ADvantage?

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Has your local media company given you the ADvantage?

If your local media company doesn’t currently host the ADvantage Club, let us know and we’ll do our best to make it happen. We won’t stop until every local business has access to the ADvantage Club in their city because it’s putting local businesses back on top in the marketing battle at a price they can afford.


The ADvantage Club is exclusive

Local businesses can join the ADvantage Club by attending one of our free marketing events in their city. Membership is limited and they do fill up each year. Search for an event near you.

About Us

ADvantage Club is a product of MediaPro, a media sales and marketing specialists since 2003. MediaPro works with local media companies and local businesses throughout the world building customers, revenue and team skills.